Siding Styles

  • Siding Styles

    If your siding is outdated, or is not performing the way you want, one of the best things you can do to add peace of mind and curb appeal (and resale value, if you need it) to your home is to update the siding.  This sounds easy, but siding comes in many shapes and styles.  Selecting the right shape, or a combination of shapes, is critical to creating the look of your home - when you drive up to your front door, you want to see a pleasing and inviting facade.  If it is time for you to look for new siding, Chapman Windows Doors & Siding can help.  All siding styles we offer are weather-tight and high performing so ultimately your style 'pick' is a matter of personal appeal.  Our expert designers will explain your choices and advise you as you make a selection.  We can even offer you a tour of your own home with different siding styles – using a virtual design program, we can dress a digital image of your house with any of the styles we offer, or create a combination of styles to accent your building's features.  After all, 'look before you leap' has always been good advice! Below, we provide a brief explanation of choices in siding styles.  

Siding Materials

  • Fiber Cement Siding

    Fiber Cement Siding Contractors Serving PA and DE If you want to have a low maintenance home exterior but vinyl siding is not an option, then the product you need is fiber cement siding. There are a couple of brands on the market to choose from, but none can match the quality or proven reliability of James Hardie Siding. The growing demand for a quality siding that can endure the harshness of mother nature is what's driving the market for Hardie board siding products. Fiber cement hardie planks will never rot like wood siding and are impervious to all types of wood boring insects like wood bees and termites.
  • Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl Siding Contractors Serving PA, NJ and DE Vinyl siding is a great choice for home owners looking to reduce maintenance while increasing energy efficiency. Through the years, vinyl has become a high demand exterior solution because of it's ability to resist the elements of nature, lower energy costs and increase home value. It is also because of the affordability of vinyl siding compared to other types of exterior claddings.

Additional Services

  • Roofing & Gutters

    Roofing & Gutters

    As our name, Chapman Windows Doors & Siding, implies, our primary focus is in those areas. But did you know that we are great at roofing, too? If it is time for a new roof and you are working with us on another project, such as stucco remediation or a siding update, you can opt to have us do new roofing as well. This can be a great benefit to you as it will give you the easy schedule coordination and peace of mind that dealing with a single contractor brings to any home remodeling job. Depending on the project and your needs, there can even be some cost savings versus completing two separate projects. Let us know if you are interested. Although our name doesn't say it, we are very experienced roofers!

Siding & Shutter Brands

  • James Hardie Siding

    Are you considering re-siding your house? Fiber cement is resistant to sun damage, cannot be penetrated by wood-boring pests, and has the best fire ratings of any siding material. James Hardie Building Products, a company with an over-100-year history, led the development of the fiber cement industry in the 1980's. Today, the multinational corporation is still the best-known name in fiber cement building products. Using high-technology manufacturing techniques, James Hardie creates materials that are versatile and durable. James Hardie has a reputation for providing quality, emphasizing research and development to bring the latest innovations to market. Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is proud to offer James Hardie® fiber cement siding.
  • Mastic Siding

    If your home needs an exterior update and you want to add curb appeal that lasts, there are many reasons to consider vinyl siding.  Vinyl is now the most commonly used home siding product.  It is pest and weather resistant, durable and nearly maintenance free.  Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is pleased to offer Mastic Home Exteriors® Ovation siding.  Mastic, now part of Ply Gem® Industries of Cary, North Carolina, has over 50 years' experience in siding.  We selected Ovation because it provides the great combination of styles, color choices, and pricing that our clients have requested.  We also like Mastic's commitment to recycling, environmental stewardship, and community support.  Their products meet criteria for green building in many ways such as being recyclable, arriving fully finished at the construction site, and requiring few additional materials for upkeep.  As a Ply Gem company, Mastic supports Habitat for Humanity, Homes for Our Troops and other organizations where building expertise is needed.
  • Midlantic Shutters

    Shutters can make a dramatic change to your house's appearance, providing the finished look you might not have realized you were missing.  You can use decorative trim to call attention to a feature or to add a look of depth to the facade.  For some houses, decorative siding that accentuates the building's design (such as Victorian) can make all the difference.  Any way you look at it, shutters and trim are one of the best ways to add curb appeal to your home.  Midlantic Shutter and Millwork began as a custom shutter manufacturer and now works with the Tapco Group's Mid-America exterior building components company to provide Mid-America shutters in three styles, with standard and custom sizes, and 22 colors.  Other building components available from Midlantic Shutter and Millwork include vents, window headers, dentil trim and other exterior decorative items.  Midlantic also offers products from the Tapco Group's Atlantic Premium Shutters and Foundry Specialty Siding.  Chapman Windows Doors & Siding works closely with Midlantic Shutter and Millwork to bring these products to your home. 
  • CertainTeed Siding

    Are you considering new siding?  Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is pleased to bring you quality vinyl siding from the CertainTeed company.  Founded in 1904 as General Roofing Manufacturing, CertainTeed is now part of Saint Gobain, one of the largest building products companies in the world.  The CertainTeed name comes from the company's original slogan:  Quality Made Certain, Satisfaction Guaranteed.  As one of the largest vinyl siding manufacturers in the industry, CertainTeed has continued to meet the demands of that motto.  CertainTeed's  Malvern, Pennsylvania headquarters is constructed from Saint Gobain components – giving CertainTeed constant feedback about how well their product works in real life.  Offering durable, maintenance-free, high-performing siding options, CertainTeed may have just what you are looking for.  Modern vinyl siding is not the same product you have seen on buildings from earlier days!

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