Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

Aluminum Clad Door Installations

Do you love the look of real wood, but want the weatherability of aluminum? At Chapman Windows Doors & Siding, you can get beautiful doors with the benefits of both. Door styles include French hinged, French sliding, veranda, patio slider and “door wall.” French hinged doors can swing inward or outward for an unobstructed view and passage. French sliding doors offer the same classic look as swinging doors, but the two operating panels glide along a track on stainless steel rollers. A veranda door features the look of a French door with one stationary panel and one operating panel that swings open 180 degrees from centered hinges. The traditional patio sliding door has one operating panel that glides along a track in front of a stationary panel. Finally, the door wall is a stunning option for wide-open transitions between indoors and outdoors with either hinged folding panels or sliding panels that stack together or store in a pocket recess.
Aluminum Clad Door Installations

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For the interior, you can choose from wood species like Ponderosa pine, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, and Alder, which are known for their uniform straight grain and stability. Then select a toner or stain to enhance the beauty of the wood or choose a finished base coat or a primer that allows you to do the painting yourself or have Chapman Windows Doors & Siding custom stain your door. The outside surface of the doors is made from tough extruded aluminum, which is much stronger and more stable than typical rolled aluminum. This extra-durable cladding comes in a variety of standard and premier colors to complement your exterior – you can even get a custom color match. The exterior color is applied with a powder coating or anodizing process for a long-lasting, high-performance finish. Matching screen doors are available as well.

Let Chapman Windows Doors & Siding help you choose the perfect combination of features for your aluminum-clad wood patio door. Contact us for a Free Consultation or stop by one of our Design Centers.

Colors & Materials

At Chapman, we offer a wide selection of colors and materials for our Windows, Siding, and Doors.

Features and Benefits of Wood & Extruded Aluminum Clad Doors


  •  Combine the low maintenance of aluminum with the natural beauty of real wood
  • More energy efficient than wood alone
  • Clad in tough, extruded aluminum to hold up to weather and wear.
  • Exterior finishes are factory applied for durability.
  • Many choices of long-lasting exterior colors including custom color match
  • Choice of interior wood species with many toner, stain, primer, or paint options
  • Many options for glass, grilles, and screens
  • Backed by the strongest warranties in the industry from the leading manufacturers.

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