Chapman Windows Doors & Siding have been installing for over 22 years. Our installers are AAMA certified and trained and certified in the current installation regulations for the tristate area. Chapman carries and installs multiple brands in windows, doors, siding, shutters, and hardware. Our customers are not pressured into buying the most expensive product, but educated on what products fit their style and budget.
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Chapman Windows Doors & Siding Offers Stucco Remediation When you take a drive around our area, you see many different styles of houses with various examples of siding and exterior accents. Stucco and part-stucco siding has long been a popular choice, used on houses ranging from Colonial to Ranch to Contemporary. It offers clean lines while projecting the inviting ‘warmth’ we like in our homes. If you own a stucco home you have most likely heard of a problem that has been emerging over the past few years – the potential for finding moisture damage behind stucco facades. Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is proud to offer stucco remediation services. We can help you understand the problem and we have the know-how to fix it: as fully licensed building contractors we have performed over 75 stucco remediations and we have seen it all. While the average remediation jobs have required replacing a few pieces of sheathing plus the installation of new siding, we have had cases where chimneys had to be jacked up and repaired, and whole walls had to be rebuilt.


Choosing the color for your exterior can be challenging, especially when the color you want isn’t offered. We understand that frustration, which is why we offer custom finishing on your windows and doors. We provide color choices, assistance, in-house painting/staining of your product, and on-site touch-ups after installation. When choosing a color to match (paint or stain) to what you already have, it is important to keep in mind custom colors can be mixed within a 10%-20% range match.


As our name, Chapman Windows Doors & Siding, implies, our primary focus is in those areas. But did you know that we are great at roofing, too? If it is time for a new roof and you are working with us on another project, such as stucco remediation or a siding update, you can opt to have us do new roofing as well. This can be a great benefit to you as it will give you the easy schedule coordination and peace of mind that dealing with a single contractor brings to any home remodeling job. Depending on the project and your needs, there can even be some cost savings versus completing two separate projects. Let us know if you are interested. Although our name doesn’t say it, we are very experienced roofers!


A common struggle for homeowners in the market for new exterior on their home is knowing what the product will look like on their home. This can holdup the decision making for quite some time. We don’t want you to guess at the finished product, we want you to be sure you’re getting exactly what you want. Virtual Design Programs are an ideal way to achieve that goal.


We provide service for products originally purchased from Chapman Windows Doors & Siding. After your products are installed, if you have a problem with either the product or the installation, please fill out this form and our Service Department will contact you within 2 business days. Please complete the form and save time by providing project details, such as the example below. Interest In: Let us know the product manufacturer, your invoice number, date of purchase, who installed your product and details about the problem you’re experiencing. (Photos are very helpful) We will contact you for additional information or follow up. Generally, allow 2 business days for a reply and please understand that the time required for quote preparation varies by project. Thank you for choosing Chapman Windows Doors & Siding!

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