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Few exterior upgrades make as great of an impact to the look of a home as dormers. But it is important not to off-set the functionality of your attic by installing windows in locations that block or prevent air circulation or create energy suckers in your house which could happen if low performance windows are used in dormers that join interior rooms.
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This makes choosing the best attic windows and dormer windows extremely important. If you are simply replacing existing windows, then the options are usually simple, but if you are looking to replace a gable vent with a decorative window, then many other factors must be considered such as attic ventilation.

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Choosing The Right Windows For An Attic

  • Attic windows installed in gables must not prevent air flow or alternative ventilation must be provided
  • Dormer windows connecting to an attic should have tinted glass to prevent view from the ground
  • Energy efficiency is NOT extremely important for attic windows
  • Energy efficiency IS extremely important for any window connected to a home’s interior
  • Since attic windows are not easily accessible, quality is a must

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