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Choosing the color for your exterior can be challenging, especially when the color you want isn’t offered. We understand that frustration, which is why we offer custom finishing on your windows and doors. We provide color choices, assistance, in-house painting/staining of your product, and on-site touch-ups after installation. When choosing a color to match (paint or stain) to what you already have, it is important to keep in mind custom colors can be mixed within a 10%-20% range match.
Attic Window
Attic Window

Choosing to Paint: We typically work with Sherwin-William’s paint. All you have to do is go to your local Sherwin Williams paint store or any home improvement store that carries Sherwin Williams paint samples and choose a paint swatch that you want for your product. Once we have the name, we’ll paint your product in our painting shop at our showroom.

Our painters will prep the product, which includes cleaning, taping (to avoid glass), and priming. Most product will get at least two finishing coats (sometimes more depending on the darkness of the color). Typically the paint takes about 1-2 weeks to fully cure.

Finishing with paint is recommended for areas of the exterior that is exposed to harsh elements (direct sunlight, rain/snow, wind). The paint will hold up much longer in these circumstances without the maintenance stained product requires.

Choosing to stain: Although staining can be tricky to get the exact color you want, our paint specialist will get you what you need. In this process, we’ll need you to choose a stain sample. When you choose what stain you would like, we show you different shades and degrees of the stain on a sample and you choose what best suits your taste.

With stained doors, we encourage setting up a maintenance plan to refinish the polyurethane every 1-2 years to prolong the integrity of the stain. Overhangs are ideal for stained products to protect from any sunlight exposure or harsh elements.

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