Siding Styles

If your siding is outdated, or is not performing the way you want, one of the best things you can do to add peace of mind and curb appeal (and resale value, if you need it) to your home is to update the siding. This sounds easy, but siding comes in many shapes and styles. Selecting the right shape, or a combination of shapes, is critical to creating the look of your home – when you drive up to your front door, you want to see a pleasing and inviting facade. If it is time for you to look for new siding, Chapman Windows Doors & Siding can help. All siding styles we offer are weather-tight and high performing so ultimately your style ‘pick’ is a matter of personal appeal. 


Siding Styles


  • Shakes – Shakes, or shingles, are rectangular shapes which give the appearance of siding made from split logs.
  • Scallops – as the name implies, Scallops are curved-end shingles which overlap to form a weather-tight siding. Scallops in function are similar to Shakes – they are vertically applied with overlapping to give coverage.
  • Traditional Lap –Lap style siding refers to horizontally overlapping boards. This siding is typically applied as long, fairly thin boards, with varying widths available. 
  • Dutch Lap – Dutch Lap applies a variation to Traditional Lap. With Dutch Lap siding, a small amount of curve, or ‘hip’ is present in the siding’s profile. The curve provides a stronger shadow line than traditional lap. Dutch Lap is a very popular choice for Colonial and Traditional homes.
  • Hardie Plank Lap – another variation in typical Plank Lap that is worth considering, Hardie Plank Lap is the best selling siding in America. This plank siding comes in a variety of widths and styles and lends an authentic wood grain look to your building.
  • Horizontal Panels – Horizontal panels, or planks, are the most used siding style.
  • Vertical Panels – Vertical-oriented siding describes planks applied from ‘top to bottom’ with the vertical length being larger than the width. A favorite in Contemporary architecture, vertical panels accentuate the height of your home, and work well for buildings with a lot of variation in elevations.
  • Board and Batten – Board and Batten styling refers to siding that consists of vertical planks with adjoining seams covered by a smaller additional overboard that is also vertically oriented. This style takes its cue from agricultural buildings and is often used for barn conversions or as a rustic accent for garages and outbuildings.

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