Vinyl Soffit, Shutters, Trim and Accessories

Vinyl Trim Colors and Options

Once you've chosen to cover your house with vinyl siding, you have the option to compliment it with vinyl accessories such as shutters, a door surround, window headers or even a sunburst to name a few. These vinyl trim pieces work perfectly to accent and create special effects on the exterior of a home, but some other trim like soffit, also play a vital and functional role.

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You don't usually relate vinyl siding to roofing but in the case of vinyl soffit, it is the primary key to adequate attic ventilation which translates into the life of your roof. It also serves as a great product for vertical siding and both interior and exterior wainscoting.

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Using Vinyl Accessories and Trim

  • Nothing sets off a home like vinyl shutters in either louvered or raised panel designs
  • Window headers provide both modern and historical styling with crowned tops or dental mould patterns
  • Mounting blocks compliment your siding to make your light fixtures and utilities blend seamlessly
  • Sunbursts are a decorative design that adds appeal and can be used over windows, doors and in gables
  • Vinyl soffit closes in the eaves of a home and comes in various sizes, vented and solid configurations
  • Vinyl soffit can also be used to create vertical siding and wainscoting
  • Accent eaves with dental molding and simple crown molding designs
Vinyl Trim and Accessories

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