Window Styles

  • Double Hung Windows

    double hung window

    Vinyl, Aluminum Clad Wood, and Wood Windows

    When selecting windows for your home, you should compare the construction, features and efficiency of each brand and series you're reviewing before making your final decision. The reason for this is all windows are not created equal and these three things will vary between manufacturer and series.

    We welcome you to do this comparison because we know once you do, you'll see just how good the windows we offer are. A few of the brands we carry are Ideal, Lincoln, ProVia, and Norwood. Having such a large selection also allows you to choose from wood, vinyl and composite double hung windows so you can get exactly what you want and need.

  • Casement Windows

    Casement Windows

    Vinyl, Aluminum Clad Wood and Wood Windows

    If you are looking for a replacement window with a stylish design that creates the appearance of a picture window but with functional features, casement windows are a great choice. These stylish windows deliver the most unobstructed viewing areas, ventilation and structural integrity of any operating window. They are hinged so the sash opens outward, to the left or right, in a swinging motion.

    Casement windows are available major manufacturers including Ideal, Lincoln, Norwood and more. You can also get them in vinyl, aluminum clad wood, fiberglass and wood windows which allows them to be matched to almost any home or situation.

  • Bay Windows

    Bay Windows

    Bay Replacement Windows

    Do you have a room that could benefit from a greater sense of spaciousness? Then a bay window is an excellent addition to your home. A bay window is a three-sided construction of three or more windows that projects outward from a room. The individual window units can be operable or fixed in any combination, such as a wide center picture window flanked by two smaller casement windows that open for ventilation. The projection of the window lets you enjoy multiple views while increasing the flow of light into your room.

  • Bow Windows

    Bay Windows

    Bow Replacement Windows

    What’s the difference between a bow window and a bay window? We get that question a lot. A bow window has four or more units joined at equal angles to form a gentle curve, while a bay window is a three-sided installation with three or more windows. Both configurations add the benefits of light, space and a panoramic view to any room. Bow windows can add an element of graceful spaciousness whether used in the shallow arc contour of a window seat or to open up sweeping views in a round room addition. You can choose from single-hung, double-hung or casement styles with any combination of fixed and venting windows.

  • Slider Windows

    sliding windows

    Vinyl, Aluminum Clad Wood and Wood Windows

    Sliding windows come in various configurations. The designs can vary as well. The more standard slider is a single-slider. This is a favorite choice for over the sink in kitchens. A double-slider operates from both ends and helps with air circulation. These windows are great for areas where an unobstructed view is desirable, and there are clearance issues immediately outside of the window. Areas like porches, patios, and walkways are perfect for slider windows. These windows are a great low-maintenance option for homes and businesses.

  • Garden Windows

    garden windows

    Vinyl Garden Windows

    Garden Windows are designed and constructed for beauty and functionality. You can grow plants and flowers indoors, while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Or catch a cooling summer breeze with the turn of a handle. Vinyl garden windows will enhance the beauty of your home and make any room feel larger and more open. In addition, you'll experience years of trouble-free operation and greater thermal efficiency.

  • Picture Windows

    Picture Windows

    Vinyl, Aluminum Clad Wood, Fiberglass and Wood Windows

    If there is a room in your home that you would like to open up to the outdoors, then a picture window will do just that. These windows are not operational so they don't allow airflow, but they're great for making a space feel more open since they provide a more unobstructive view than many other types of windows. Very common locations for picture windows are dining and living rooms but they can be located practically anywhere is used in conjunction with operational windows.

    Picture windows are fixed windows that are designed to compliment other styles like double hung, slider and casement windows. But unlike their matching companions, picture windows have no functioning parts and offer a wider, clearer view of the outdoors which makes them a great choice for many situations.

  • Awning Windows

    Awning Windows

    Vinyl, Aluminum Clad Wood, Fiberglass and Wood Windows

    Awning windows are some of the most energy efficient operable window designs available. This is true for the most part because they are operated by a crank handle that allows them to close more tightly and securely than any sliding style window ever could be.

    Another main design feature of awning windows is their airflow efficiency. They hinge open to the outside from the bottom for effective ventilation. In fact, they are also some of the best windows at catching a breeze.

  • Kitchen Windows

    Kitchen Replacement Windows

    Choosing the best kitchen windows for your house can make a huge difference in appeal, convenience and space. While some windows like casement, double hung and sliders provide ease of use, others such as garden, bay and bow windows give you a place to store things without taking up already limited counter space which can make the time you spend cooking a cleaning much more pleasant.

  • Bathroom Windows

    Decorative Bathroom Window

    Decorative Bathroom Windows - Stained & Privacy Windows

    Bathrooms have always been considered as a peaceful place to wind-down and relax after a hard day. So it's no wonder why so many people want to spice them up. It's also understandable why we all want our privacy which is why we carry such a large selection of bathroom windows with opaque, decorative and stained glass that not only looks good, but also does a terrific job of keeping out prying eyes.

  • Basement Windows

    Vinyl Replacement Basement Windows & Vents

    The old days of having a basement that is dark and somewhat gloomy are over. Today, you can choose from various windows for a basement that can maximize lighting, security and ventilation. Having a wider range of windows to select from will allow you to get the right style and shape that fits your home and needs.

  • Attic Windows

    Vinyl Replacement Dormer & Attic Windows

    Few exterior upgrades make as great of an impact to the look of a home as dormers. But it is important not to off-set the functionality of your attic by installing windows in locations that block or prevent air circulation or create energy suckers in your house which could happen if low performance windows are used in dormers that join interior rooms.

Window Materials

  • Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

    Why choose aluminum clad wood windows? To start, the windows we offer are manufactured from high-strength, durable extruded aluminum, not roll-formed aluminum, which is more easily dented and warped. Using rigid extruded aluminum ensures the proper fit and operation of every window – that means long-term energy savings for you. In addition, this high-quality material allows for more detailed designs and larger window arrangements than are possible with other materials.

  • Wood Windows

    Wood Window Cut Thru Replacement Wood Windows

    Wood windows are exceptionally strong and are great alternatives to vinyl. They provide great energy efficiency and can be installed in almost any situation. They can also be painted, stained or purchased in many different colors which is what has made our premium series wood windows from Norwood so desirable for home owners wanting to improve the looks and value of their house.

    Our wood windows are available with prepainted exteriors, prepainted interiors and come in an assortment of wood species which allows us to match other parts of your home's interior and exterior. Decorative glass options and customized casings can also be used to compliment the styling of your house as can window grid patterns and hardware.

    So if you're trying to preserve the look of your home while improving energy efficiency, then replacement wood windows may be right for you. Contact us now to speak with one of our specialists by requesting a FREE Consultation today.

  • Vinyl Replacement Windows

    Energy Efficient Vinyl Replacement Windows

    Choose from our wide selection of vinyl replacement windows that are designed to perform as good as they look. We provide and professionally install windows from leading manufacturers such as Ideal Vinyl Windows. Our collection of top brands allows us to offer you the right vinyl windows to fit your needs and requirements.

    Look through our feature gallery above to learn how our top selling replacement windows from Ideal can dramatically reduce your energy bills while increasing the value of your house. In the sections below, we have listed some of the most important factors and benefits related to their construction and performance to help you make a more informed decision on buying the best windows.

  • Fiberglass Windows

    Fiberglass is a great choice for strong, energy-efficient windows with excellent dimensional stability – the material holds its finished shape. Corners are mechanically and chemically bonded for unbeatable strength. That strength enables an accurate installation, which results in superior long-term performance. In addition, window frames and sashes won’t expand or contract in extreme temperatures, so the gaskets stay tightly sealed to save you energy dollars.

Window Brands

  • Nanawall

    NanaWall Folding Glass Walls offer clean lined aesthetics with narrow profiles and are available in aluminum, solid wood, or solid wood aluminum clad finishes. The panels can be top-hung or floor supported in inward or outward opening configurations. Numerous sill choices are available including a surface mounted and ADA compliant sill. Easy operation no matter the size or number of panels.
  • ProVia Windows & Doors

    Chapman Windows, Doors & Siding is pleased to include ProVia windows and doors in the list of products we can provide. Doing business since 1977, ProVia’s roots are in Holmes County, OH, the nation’s largest Amish Community. ProVia’s team members love to find innovative ways for integrating state-of-the-art technologies into manufacturing processes. However, technology is never intended to replace quality and craftsmanship – only to enhance it. They take pride in making the best products available and backing them with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. ProVia manufactures entry doors, storm doors, both sliding vinyl and hinged patio doors, vinyl windows and storm windows.
  • Lincoln Windows & Doors

    Located in Merrill, Wisconsin, Lincoln Wood Products, Inc., is a privately owned company with over 60 years' experience in wood window and door manufacturing.  Lincoln Wood Products' windows come in all styles and provide a variety of configuration options to enhance your project.  Advanced glazing offers excellent energy efficiency.  Lincoln Wood Products is a community leader with a dedication to environmental stewardship, manufacturing quality, and customer service.  Lincoln stresses resource conservation and energy-efficient manufacturing techniques.  It uses independent testing and practices continuous improvement in its manufacturing processes to ensure quality.  And, Lincoln's customer service ethic makes it a great partner for Chapman Windows Doors & Siding.
  • Norwood Windows and Doors

    As a family-owned business, Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is pleased to work with Norwood, a division of West-Wood industries.  For over sixty years, family-owned Norwood has been manufacturing quality wood windows and doors using lumber supplied by the family sawmill in New Brunswick, Canada.  Built for the extreme cold of an Eastern Canada winter, you can be assured that Norwood windows and doors are energy-efficient and durable!  Norwood's motto is “Never Ordinary” - and they live up to it.  They are one of the few companies to offer a variety of woods in addition to the most commonly used pine from the family sawmill.  They provide a myriad of wooden and glass window and door styles, colors and sizes.  The typical casing and trim on the Norwood products is slender and proportioned to suit most building styles.  You can customize for your ideal look by selecting options such as wide-board casings, sub-sills and pediments.  Or, you can select from the Heritage line which is proportioned for historical properties.  (Norwood has been a part of many renovations of important or historical buildings, including a project shown on PBS's This Old House.)
  • Ideal Windows & Doors

    There are many reasons to choose vinyl windows.  Vinyl insulates well, is nearly maintenance-free, and is generally known to be an economical solution for your home.  Pick the right windows and you can look forward to years of satisfaction.  Chapman Windows Doors & Siding works with Ideal WindowTM of New Jersey to bring you a selection of beautiful vinyl windows at different price points.  Ideal Window has 90-plus years of window manufacturing experience and was a pioneer in vinyl as a window material.  Ideal is known for the quality of its fit and finish.  The award-winning company offers windows of all styles (double-hung, picture, awning, casement and specialty) available with energy saving (and cost saving) glass from among six different glass packages.  Complementary patio doors finish your home.
  • Loewen Windows & Doors

    Founded in 1905, Loewen Windows started off as a sawmill in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, and eventually found its specialty in wood windows and doors.  Loewen offers both Douglas fir and Mahogany for their glass windows and doors, providing not only the beauty of real wood, but strength and performance to keep your home energy-efficient. The craftsmanship that goes into each and every Loewen product is performed in the same location where its history started, Steinbach, Manitoba.  Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is proud to offer Loewen window and door products for residential new construction and replacement applications, as well as light commercial use.
  • Velux Skylights

    Studies have shown that natural light and air are key ingredients in the recipe for a healthy home. Even if your house has plenty of well selected and thoughtfully placed windows, adding skylights in strategic areas can improve air circulation, increase natural light, and add beauty while bringing important benefits to your family. The VELUX® name is almost synonymous with “skylight”: VE stands for Ventilation and LUX is the Latin word for light! Founder Villum Kann Rasmussen received his first patent for lighting products in 1942 and was on his way to realizing his dream of turning attics and other dark rooms into more usable spaces. Headquartered in Denmark with a United States base in Fort Mill, South Carolina, VELUX now manufactures skylights in 11 countries and supplies them to homes in 40 countries. VELUX skylights can be added to almost any roof, while SUN TUNNELTM light tubes and VELUX roof windows provide additional options. VELUX products have been featured in HGTV® Smart Home construction projects and now Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is pleased to offer them to your home.

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