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There are many reasons why Chapman Windows and Doors has been in business long enough to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. The fact that they sell and provide expert installation for the finest and most energy- efficient home remodeling products around is at the top of the list. But just as important is the way they treat their customers like family, which is only fitting considering the company has been owned and operated by the Chapman family since its inception in 1994.

“With the ups and downs in the economy, especially after 2001, to be around for 20 years definitely shows that we have staying power, and it also shows that we do a good job,” says Doug Chapman, director of marketing. “When it comes to windows and doors, I know we are very well known. We have a lot of repeat business and referrals from past customers, which we take pride in. Referrals and repeat business is a clear sign that we have a lot of happy customers and that customer service is first and foremost with our employees. A referral is the best way a customer can thank us.”

Pennsylvania Window CompanyNowhere is that more evident than in Chapman’s spacious showroom in West Chester, where customers can see the wide variety in window and door styles from all of the leading manufacturers. More important is the education they’ll receive from the knowledgeable staff, who are happy to address their concerns about what product is best for their home.

“We have a full-service showroom, so people can come in and see a variety of doors, windows and manufacturers,” Chapman says. “And we don’t believe in the ‘hard sell.’ When a potential customer comes into the showroom, our goal is to educate them, such as why one product costs more than another, or what product will help the consumer achieve what they want. Our representatives all have a lot of experience in the industry and know the proper questions needed to find out what the home owner wants as a result of their project. Then we show them the different aspects of each product and help them make an informed decision. We encourage people to come in and see all of the different options available for their home.”

Those options include the always- popular double-hung windows, as well as casements, which Chapman says are big in new homes because they allow more ventilation in. “Bay windows are also very popular,” he says, “especially for someone who has decided to stay in their current home and wants to make a room brighter and/or bigger. We have a lot of those projects and sometimes we have to open up the wall since the current window is much smaller than the bay window they want to put in. With a project such as this, you definitely want to make sure you hire someone you can trust.”

Chapman Windows & Doors ShowroomVinyl and wood replacement windows are both in demand, although Chapman says “wood windows will last longer, look nicer and stay truer to the Colonial look that is prevalent in this area.” With both types, you can count on energy efficiency that will lower your monthly costs. “After a winter like this one, everybody knows what their windows are worth and how much heat they let out,” Chapman says. “Not only did they see it in their heating bills, but they felt it every time they walked by their windows or doors. We expect a lot of people to start looking for more energy-efficient windows and doors.”

Chapman also installs vinyl and James Hardie fiber cement siding, and changing the front door can also help spice up your home’s look. “Curb appeal for doors is a huge selling point because it’s an easy and relatively inexpensive way to brighten up your house,” Chapman says. “Some people might not notice a new window as much. But a door is made to be seen and it usually stands right in the middle of your house. It’s been shown in studies that changing the door adds value to the house. And compared to redoing all of your windows, putting in a new entrance door is pretty inexpensive.”

No matter which product you call Chapman for, you can rely on the customer service they’ve become known for. It’s why they’ve stuck around for 20 years, and plan to stick around for many more. “We’re very big on treating your home like it’s our own home,” Chapman says. “It’s a big thing to bring strangers into your house and to invest in your home, and we understand that. We take it as a privilege that someone is letting us into their home, so we want to show respect for it.

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