Door Styles

  • Entry Doors

    entry doors

    Your entry door is the gateway to your home. The right door can express your style as well as improve your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency and safety. Entry doors from manufacturers like Therma-Tru, ProVia and Simpson are backed by a reputation for quality and outstanding warranties to protect your investment. The Chapman Windows Doors & Siding professionals will install your new door with precision for worry-free operation and maintenance. And with so many materials, styles, colors, glass and hardware options to choose from, the choices are nearly limitless. Whether you are looking for fiberglass, steel or wood, let us help you find the entry door that makes just the right impression.

  • Patio Doors

    patio doors

    Patio doors let in the light and lend beauty and function to any room. Exterior patio doors allow you to bring nature into your home by creating a vista to your outdoor spaces. Interior installation of a patio door provides a open view and passage between rooms for an elegant and functional transition.

    There are many configurations for patio doors so you can choose just the right one for your needs.

  • French Doors

    french doors

    Nothing lends elegance and beauty to a room like a French door. With two operating panels and expansive glass, French doors bring in the light and expand your view. An exterior French door lets you enjoy the beauty of nature with wide-open vistas to the outdoors, and it allows easy access to a patio, deck, pool or other outdoor space. You can also install a French door inside your home for an elegant transition between rooms. Interior French doors are excellent for maintaining visual openness to connect living spaces while providing a functional boundary when you need it.

  • Storm Doors

    storm doors

    Our energy efficient storm doors from ProVia Door protects your entry doors by keeping the elements out and comfort in. These professional class storm doors are produced using 20% thicker aluminum than consumer-grade storm doors that are sold through home improvement retailers. They also provide convenient lighting, especially in cases where solid entry doors are used. This is a very nice benefit you'll enjoy when you want to make your home feel more open while creating a welcoming feeling to guests.

  • Sliding Doors

    sliding doors

    Sliding doors are great for easy operation, space-saving profiles and great views. They come in several styles so you can choose just the right one for your home. For a traditional, elegant look, opt for a sliding French door. Its two operating panels glide apart along a track for wide-open views and ample access. A contemporary patio sliding door has one operating panel that glides along a track in front of a stationary panel. A door wall creates a wide-open space between indoors and outdoors with several configuration options. Bifold door walls consist of hinged panels that fold to one side of the opening. A multi-slide or lift-slide door wall has sliding panels that stack together or store in a pocket space in the wall. A door wall is an impressive and practical element for any large-format indoor/outdoor transition. All these sliding door choices allow for easy access to your favorite outdoor space like a pool, deck or patio.

  • Specialty & Custom Doors

    Interior or exterior, with or without glass, gliding or hinged, natural or manmade material – there are lots of choices you have to make when selecting a door. Chapman Windows Doors & Siding knows doors inside and out, and we can help you navigate all the options to find just the right door for any function. Why don’t you contact us for a free consultation today?

  • Door Hardware

    Your home’s entry door makes a statement about you. Every detail should be a reflection of your aesthetics, from architectural style to finish to glazing – but especially the hardware. At Chapman Windows Doors & Siding, we can help you select the perfect hardware to embellish your door. After all, first impressions matter.

  • Door Stain Colors

    Custom Door Stain Colors

    Doors Come in Many Colors and Styles

    Replacing your front door with a fiberglass entry door is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home while also increasing security and energy efficiency. The fiberglass doors we provide and install provide the look of high-grade wood with all of the durability and insulating qualities of fiberglass. They come in various styles and finish options ranging from real oak grain to mahogany and a smooth texture that can be painted to match any house.

Door Materials

  • Fiberglass Entry Doors

    Replacing your front door with a fiberglass entry door is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home while also increasing security and energy efficiency. The fiberglass doors we provide and install provide the look of high-grade wood with all of the durability and insulating qualities of fiberglass. They come in various styles and finish options ranging from real oak grain to mahogany and a smooth texture that can be painted to match any house.
  • Wood Doors

    Welcome guests and bring the beauty of nature into your home with finely crafted real wood doors. Whether it’s a unique front entry door, an elegant interior passage door or a French door leading outside to breathtaking views, wood lends elegance and distinction to your home. Wood door manufacturers know the realities of the harsh weather conditions we experience, and they build entry doors with finishes and glazing options to resist the effects of the elements. The options for a striking and long-lasting entry door are endless with so many wood species, architectural styles and designs available.
  • Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

    Do you love the look of real wood, but want the weatherability of aluminum? At Chapman Windows Doors & Siding, you can get beautiful doors with the benefits of both. Door styles include French hinged, French sliding, veranda, patio slider and “door wall.” French hinged doors can swing inward or outward for an unobstructed view and passage. French sliding doors offer the same classic look as swinging doors, but the two operating panels glide along a track on stainless steel rollers. A veranda door features the look of a French door with one stationary panel and one operating panel that swings open 180 degrees from centered hinges. The traditional patio sliding door has one operating panel that glides along a track in front of a stationary panel. Finally, the door wall is a stunning option for wide-open transitions between indoors and outdoors with either hinged folding panels or sliding panels that stack together or store in a pocket recess.
  • Vinyl Doors

    Vinyl Doors For easy maintenance and energy efficiency, vinyl is a popular economical choice in patio doors. Vinyl patio doors are available with 2, 3 or 4 panels, so you can choose to have one or two sliding doors in a configuration that best suits your needs. These doors are perfect for opening up the view and access to the outside while providing easy operation and a space-saving design. Insulated glass contributes to the energy efficiency of the door, and there are many decorative glass, grille, transom and sidelite options available as well. For privacy and light control, you can opt for internal blinds that tilt, rise and lower with fingertip controls and never need to be dusted.
  • Steel Entry Doors

    Make your home more secure by letting us install new steel doors that look as good as they perform. The steel entry doors we provide and install come from leading door manufacturers like Therma Tru Doors and Provia Doors. They are available in designer and traditional designs along with fire door styles that can provide you with an extra 90 minutes of protection in case a fire breaks out. Other features include decorative glass, transoms and sidelites.
  • MDF Doors

    Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Doors Medium density fiberboard, commonly known as MDF, is a composite made from recycled wood fibers and resin. The materials are combined, then subjected to intense temperature and pressure. This process creates dense, stable panels that can be milled like wood, but are more dependable and environmentally responsible. Solid wood tends to react to temperature and humidity, which can cause shrinking or cracking of a door as well as its finish. MDF is much more reliable and resists these changes for a door with lasting beauty and durability. MDF doors can be constructed in several ways. Stile and rail doors are assembled like a traditional wood door with horizontal rails and vertical stiles framing a panel. Other construction methods include router carving with inlaid or flush moulding, molded panels and layered panels. They are available in different thicknesses, as well as hundreds of styles and designs, including passage, bifold, louver, bypass, barn and pocket doors. All MDF doors come primed and ready to paint to match your décor. You can even get an MDF door with fire rating of up to 90 minutes. With all these options, you’re sure to find the right door for your room at Chapman Windows Doors & Siding.

Door Brands

  • Nanawall

    NanaWall Folding Glass Walls offer clean lined aesthetics with narrow profiles and are available in aluminum, solid wood, or solid wood aluminum clad finishes. The panels can be top-hung or floor supported in inward or outward opening configurations. Numerous sill choices are available including a surface mounted and ADA compliant sill. Easy operation no matter the size or number of panels.
  • ProVia Windows & Doors

    Chapman Windows, Doors & Siding is pleased to include ProVia windows and doors in the list of products we can provide. Doing business since 1977, ProVia’s roots are in Holmes County, OH, the nation’s largest Amish Community. ProVia’s team members love to find innovative ways for integrating state-of-the-art technologies into manufacturing processes. However, technology is never intended to replace quality and craftsmanship – only to enhance it. They take pride in making the best products available and backing them with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. ProVia manufactures entry doors, storm doors, both sliding vinyl and hinged patio doors, vinyl windows and storm windows.
  • Therma-Tru Doors

    Are you interested in a fiberglass entry door?  This is where fiberglass doors began!  David K. Welles founded the company that became Therma-Tru in 1962.  In 1982, the company produced the first fiberglass door on the market.  With the introduction of the Fiber-Classic® door, Therma-Tru established itself as an innovative and compelling market leader.
  • Lincoln Windows & Doors

    Located in Merrill, Wisconsin, Lincoln Wood Products, Inc., is a privately owned company with over 60 years' experience in wood window and door manufacturing.  Lincoln Wood Products' windows come in all styles and provide a variety of configuration options to enhance your project.  Advanced glazing offers excellent energy efficiency.  Lincoln Wood Products is a community leader with a dedication to environmental stewardship, manufacturing quality, and customer service.  Lincoln stresses resource conservation and energy-efficient manufacturing techniques.  It uses independent testing and practices continuous improvement in its manufacturing processes to ensure quality.  And, Lincoln's customer service ethic makes it a great partner for Chapman Windows Doors & Siding.
  • Signature Door

    Your home is a reflection of your uniqueness and style, and the entryway is no exception. Signature Door manufactures high-quality, built-to-order entryways that can be customized to perfectly compliment your home. With an extensive list of products and capabilities – whether glass solutions, factory finishing, hurricane ratings, locking systems, and more – Signature Door is well equipped to meet your exterior door needs.
  • Norwood Windows and Doors

    As a family-owned business, Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is pleased to work with Norwood, a division of West-Wood industries.  For over sixty years, family-owned Norwood has been manufacturing quality wood windows and doors using lumber supplied by the family sawmill in New Brunswick, Canada.  Built for the extreme cold of an Eastern Canada winter, you can be assured that Norwood windows and doors are energy-efficient and durable!  Norwood's motto is “Never Ordinary” - and they live up to it.  They are one of the few companies to offer a variety of woods in addition to the most commonly used pine from the family sawmill.  They provide a myriad of wooden and glass window and door styles, colors and sizes.  The typical casing and trim on the Norwood products is slender and proportioned to suit most building styles.  You can customize for your ideal look by selecting options such as wide-board casings, sub-sills and pediments.  Or, you can select from the Heritage line which is proportioned for historical properties.  (Norwood has been a part of many renovations of important or historical buildings, including a project shown on PBS's This Old House.)
  • Ideal Windows & Doors

    There are many reasons to choose vinyl windows.  Vinyl insulates well, is nearly maintenance-free, and is generally known to be an economical solution for your home.  Pick the right windows and you can look forward to years of satisfaction.  Chapman Windows Doors & Siding works with Ideal WindowTM of New Jersey to bring you a selection of beautiful vinyl windows at different price points.  Ideal Window has 90-plus years of window manufacturing experience and was a pioneer in vinyl as a window material.  Ideal is known for the quality of its fit and finish.  The award-winning company offers windows of all styles (double-hung, picture, awning, casement and specialty) available with energy saving (and cost saving) glass from among six different glass packages.  Complementary patio doors finish your home.
  • Masonite Doors

    Florida-based Masonite International Corporation was founded in the 1920s when inventor William H. Mason discovered an effective way to create high-density fiberboard from wood chips.  Since its origin, Masonite as a company has been through many changes, emerging as a world leader in residential door manufacturing.  Born through innovation, Masonite creates quality, cutting-edge products.  It runs one of the largest research and development facilities in the industry, applying the findings to improve manufacturing processes and materials.  Masonite practices environmental stewardship in its sourcing and manufacturing.  The variety of Masonite® entry, patio, and interior doors is amazing -  perhaps the greatest number of styles and options on the market.  And, with core values that include integrity, customer commitment, innovation, and teamwork, it is an easy company for Chapman Windows Doors & Siding to work with.
  • Loewen Windows & Doors

    Founded in 1905, Loewen Windows started off as a sawmill in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, and eventually found its specialty in wood windows and doors.  Loewen offers both Douglas fir and Mahogany for their glass windows and doors, providing not only the beauty of real wood, but strength and performance to keep your home energy-efficient. The craftsmanship that goes into each and every Loewen product is performed in the same location where its history started, Steinbach, Manitoba.  Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is proud to offer Loewen window and door products for residential new construction and replacement applications, as well as light commercial use.
  • Emtek Door Hardware

    Do you want to add a little more security and style to your home?  New locks and door hardware can be that step forward.  Whether you want to upgrade older locks and hardware or you have found the perfect new entry, patio or interior door but want additional options in hardware, Chapman Windows Doors & Siding can help.  We proudly offer Emtek®  locks and hardware for your selection.  Emtek, an Assa Abloy company, was founded in 1981.  Since then, it has custom-assembled lock products and door hardware in its Southern California factory.  Custom assembly gives you the opportunity to mix and match louvers, knobs, finishes and embellishments to create your own look.
  • Schlage Door Hardware

    An Introduction to Schlage® Lock Company, LLC Strong, Smart, and Stylish. These are words used to describe Schlage door hardware. If they sound like good qualities to you, then you should consider Schlage locks and door hardware when upgrading your entry door, patio door, and interior door locking systems and hardware! Now part of AllegionTM of Dublin, Ireland, the Schlage Lock Company continues to fulfill Walter Schlage's mission which began when he opened his first lock shop in 1920, creating innovative, secure products using precision engineering. As part of the Allegion family, the Schlage Lock Company is a member of a global group which is also the largest manufacturer of security products in North America. Now located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with facilities in additional locations, Schlage offers top grade door hardware of all types for your consideration. Chapman Windows Doors & Siding can help you explore the potential Schlage provides.
  • Baldwin Door Hardware

    An Introduction to Baldwin® Hardware A beautiful house needs a beautiful entry door, and a beautiful door needs beautiful hardware. Beautiful hardware must, above all, be secure and durable. Entry sets from Baldwin Hardware are just that and more. As the first company to make solid brass door hardware, Baldwin has been known for its quality and innovation for 70 years. Founded in 1946 and now located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Baldwin continues the tradition of bringing an impressive selection of high-quality brass door hardware to the market. With hardware collections representing various styles and prices, there is bound to be one that meets your needs. If you wish to change your door hardware as security upgrade or for an aesthetic reason, Chapman Windows Doors & Siding is pleased to bring Baldwin Hardware to you.
  • Rocky Mountain Door Hardware

    An Introduction to Rocky Mountain Hardware, Inc. Entry doors set the tone for your home, and luxurious and unique front door hardware makes a lasting impression. Rocky Mountain Hardware's solid bronze hardware creates a bold statement, proclaiming that you value your home – it is not just your house, but a work of art, and the residence of all you hold dear. Over 30 years ago, Mark and Patsy Nickum of Sun Valley, Idaho, began creating upscale door hardware for custom homes. Today, members of the Nickum family continue the tradition of crafting hardware that is a work of art, one piece at a time, in Hailey, Idaho. Their customizable products can put the final grace notes on your décor – any desired design can be carried into handles, knobs, levers, and combination sets, with interior and exterior accessories to tie the overall design together. Chapman Windows Doors & Siding proudly brings the vision of Rocky Mountain Hardware to you.

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