French Doors
french doors

Nothing lends elegance and beauty to a room like a French door. With two operating panels and expansive glass, French doors bring in the light and expand your view. An exterior French door lets you enjoy the beauty of nature with wide-open vistas to the outdoors, and it allows easy access to a patio, deck, pool or other outdoor space. You can also install a French door inside your home for an elegant transition between rooms. Interior French doors are excellent for maintaining visual openness to connect living spaces while providing a functional boundary when you need it.

There are two types of French doors, both of which create an uninterrupted view and passage. A classic hinged French door has two panels that swing open to opposite sides. The doors can swing into a room or out. Sliding French doors offer the same traditional look as swinging French doors, but the two panels glide apart along a track. This type of French door is perfect for a room that might not have the space for doors to swing open.

Both styles of French door are available with many options for interior and exterior material, finishes, lites, grilles, glass, screens and hardware. Materials include solid wood, wood with aluminum cladding, fiberglass, steel, vinyl and medium density fiberboard (MDF). Depending on your choice of interior material, your doors can be finished with a toner, stain, primer or base coat of paint. Exterior finishes include stain or paint for wood and fiberglass doors, or primed, powder coated or anodized finishes for aluminum-clad or steel exteriors. If you like, you can choose from authentic or simulated divided lites, and optional grilles come in many styles. There are also many glass options to choose from, including art glass, safety glass, leaded glass and tinted glass. loE2 insulated glass allows maximum light while maintaining inside temperature and blocking UV rays to protect your furnishings. You can also get retractable, sliding or swinging screen doors to match.

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