Sliding Doors
sliding doors

Sliding doors are great for easy operation, space-saving profiles and great views. They come in several styles so you can choose just the right one for your home. For a traditional, elegant look, opt for a sliding French door. Its two operating panels glide apart along a track for wide-open views and ample access. A contemporary patio sliding door has one operating panel that glides along a track in front of a stationary panel. A door wall creates a wide-open space between indoors and outdoors with several configuration options. Bifold door walls consist of hinged panels that fold to one side of the opening. A multi-slide or lift-slide door wall has sliding panels that stack together or store in a pocket space in the wall. A door wall is an impressive and practical element for any large-format indoor/outdoor transition. All these sliding door choices allow for easy access to your favorite outdoor space like a pool, deck or patio.

Sliding DoorsSliding doors come with many choices in interior and exterior material, finishes, lites, grilles, glass, screens and hardware. Materials for patio doors include solid wood, wood with aluminum cladding, fiberglass, steel, vinyl and medium density fiberboard (MDF). Depending on your choice of interior material, your doors can be finished with a toner, stain, primer or base coat of paint. Exterior finishes include stain or paint for wood and fiberglass doors, or primed, powder coated or anodized finishes for aluminum-clad or steel exteriors. If you like, you can choose from authentic or simulated divided lites, and optional grilles come in many styles. There are also many glass options to choose from, including art glass, safety glass, leaded glass and tinted glass. loE 2 insulated glass allows maximum light while maintaining inside temperature and blocking UV rays to protect your furnishings. In addition, you can install retractable screens or sliding screen doors to keep the bugs out and let the fresh air in.

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