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Vinyl Replacement Basement Windows & Vents

The old days of having a basement that is dark and somewhat gloomy are over. Today, you can choose from various windows for a basement that can maximize lighting, security and ventilation. Having a wider range of windows to select from will allow you to get the right style and shape that fits your home and needs.

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Beyond the window's construction, some of the things you should consider include design features, style, accessibility and function. These are essential to having the best basement windows for your house. Make sure not to choose a style without considering these factors.

If you are unsure which windows will work the best for your home, look below to see some practical uses of various styles or contact us to speak with one of our specialists and schedule a FREE Consultation.

Choosing The Right Windows For A Basement

  • Double Hung - Traditional style that provides easy cleaning but needs enough height to operate
  • Casement / Awning Windows - Work great in limited space basements and provide superior air flow
  • Slider - Great basement windows and they don't require much height since the operate laterally
  • Hopper Windows - Very popular basement windows that fit in small areas and are easy to maintain
  • Picture Windows - Work well for tight areas but don't allow air flow

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